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Children’s day care Wayenberg

Brussels, Belgium

The project:

The project includes the extension of the existing children's day nursery of the European Parliament in the Wayenbergstraat to accommodate 230 children.

The extension provides for the construction of 3 above ground and 2 underground floors, and a new roof.

Deep foundations, closed construction work, special techniques and finishing are part of the program. Special attention is paid to the connection with the existing building, continuously in operation, and, among other things, for adaptations with the existing kitchens.

The activities of the existing day nursery cannot be disturbed. This remains open for the duration of the project, which requires special safety precautions and minimal impact of construction nuisance due to the close presence of children.

The mission:

The contract is part of the current framework contract for a construction economist (Quantity Surveyor) with the European Parliament.

Our mission of project management includes the analysis of tenders following public procedures, drafting, evaluating and checking budgets, checking progress reports and analysing additional work (checking quantities and unit prices)

European Parliament
8.000.000 €
Framework agreement Building
2.100 m2